Pre-Construction Stage

Once you have selected your model, have signed all the required forms, and have a firm sale (all conditions are removed) you begin to work with our design team. You, your Area Manager and a Customer Care Coordinator (CCC) work together as a team to complete the personalization of your home.

Drawings are established for your review, with emphasis on electrical designations, kitchen layouts, interior wall placements, and direct alterations to the established floor plan. When finalized, your CCC will schedule a detailed meeting to ensure your comfortable and compliant with the home you created.

After this meeting, your plans are distributed to the building inspection authorities for the required permits. At this point no further design changes can be made, as your plans have proceeded to estimating and construction specialists for engineering designs and approvals.

While waiting on engineering and permit approvals all exterior and interior selections should be completed and formalized.

Typical Process

  • First selections begin at Trail Appliances to select appliances.
  • Second is our cabinet providers, to review the kitchen's layout, cabinet selections and finishes. A signed final plan copy is required here to ensure selections fit.
  • Third visit is to choose your carpet and linoleum decisions, paint, countertop and tile choices. Then you can select your hardwood flooring options from our flooring supplier.
  • Fourth and final visit is to lighting supplier to select light fixture styles for each room.

Style Packages

If you have selected one of ReidBuilt's exclusive Style Packages, aimed at simplifying the selection process, you may have already made many of the required selections, however you have the option to meet with stair supplier and/or one of our plumbing contractors, to further customize your railing and plumbing fixture selections.