Construction Stage

This is where we really shine. ReidBuilt's construction team has decades of experience, and has created unique systems that involve you in the construction process. This experience and ReidBuilt's Eight Point Quality Control Program sets us apart from all other builders.

While your Area Manager is always available for enquires, so is the Customer Care Coordinator and an experienced, knowledgeable field staff. This means easy communications which is the single most important key to making home buying easy.

Once concrete foundation walls are poured and backfilled, the framing of your home begins.

Once framed, inspected and approved, mechanical rough-ins are completed.

At this point a second meeting is scheduled to review your new home's progress. You can walk through your site with the site superintendent to ensure you have a complete understanding of our building process and the next stages of construction.

Due to in-house safety policies, you must wait until this time to visit your home site. A copy of this safety policy is posted on ReidBuilt's web site and is in your owner's manual.

After your pre-drywall walk-through, field staff continue your home's construction with the installation of insulation and drywall.

Upon completion of drywall your home enters the finishing stage and a confirmed possession date can be provided to you. Prior to this point it is impossible to provide a possession date as too many external variables beyond the builder's control are present.

At this point you should have mortgage documents completed with your financial institution. These should be delivered to ReidBuilt's legal representatives. Your Area Manager or CCC can provide assistance during this stage if required.

The next phase sees your home transformed from a diamond in the rough to a polished gem. Finishing, painting, cabinet and flooring installations along with the mechanical finals bring visual changes to your home that are both spectacular and personally rewarding. It is fun to see your home evolve during this phase.

Seven to ten days before your occupancy date, you will meet with our construction professionals to conduct a pre-possession walk through.

This is not your possession date, but rather a time to review your home and assist us in fine tuning it before you actually move in. This ensures every detail can be delivered to your satisfaction and again makes your home buying process easy!